Sacred Places of Buddhism

Four sacred places of Buddhism
Birthplace : Lumbini
Nepal. 30km from town Snauri at Indian Nepalese border. Small village in the west tub basin in Nepal. It is famous as ground where Buddha was born. It was registered in the World Heritage of UNESCO (cultural heritage) as "Buddha's birthplace Lmbini" in 1997.
Realized place : Buddha Gaya
13km to Bihar state Gayar city the south. It is a sacred ground of Buddhism and Hinduism. It is made to the highest sacred ground in the Buddhism. In Buddha Gaya, there are buddhist temples of each country each sect that exists in the Mahabodhi temple at the center and the circumference (Chinese temple, Japanese temple, Nepalese temple, and Thai temple, etc.). It was registered in the World Heritage of UNESCO (cultural heritage) as "Mahabodhi temple in Buddha Gaya" in 2002.
The first preached place : Sarnath
10km to Varanasi the east. It is ground where the first preaching was done to the training companion before (five people) after Namiti in Buddha Gaya.
Dying place : Kushinagar
It goes from Varanasi to Gorakpur of the northeast 220km, and, in addition, there is Kushinagar in 50km to the east. It gets on the bus for Kasia from Gorakpur, and it gets off with Kushinagar in the place of 3km in this side of Kasia. The buddhist temple in each country is scattered when advancing on the road with a small bazaar when getting off the bus and the nirvana temple comes into view.
Map of Sacred places of Buddhism
An orange and blue balloon marker who exists in the map is Sacred places. When each balloon is clicked, the name and the photograph are displayed.
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